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Hot springs

GR... Welcome to Edipsos Spa Town, a unique spa town in Northern Evia with endless sandy beaches, natural thermal springs and various other activities. Edipsos is the ideal leisure destination for both economical and unforgettable holidays.

The famous hot springs of Edipsos are used for therapeutic purposes as well as spa and wellness facilities in one of the most modern spa centers of Greece.

The thermal springs have therapeutic effects for diseases such as Arthritis, Migraines, Chronic gynecological disorders or Rheumatic diseases. Edipsos has more than 80 hot springs with temperatures ranging from 28 °C to 86 °C.

Historical Edipsos

The story of Edipsos begins in ancient times, mentioned in the works of Strabo and Plutarch.

Edipsos Spa Town was the favoured resort of the Roman Emperors and generals. Hadrian, Marcos Aurelius and Sulla were treated in the spa and often enjoyed Edipsos’ beauty and climate.

The story and reputation of Edipsos and it's hot springs were the reason for it's popularity from the beginning of the 20th century. The parade of famous people of their times (Churchill, Onassis, Callas, Garbo etc.) all left their mark on the town, and started a tradition of combining therapy and relaxation that continues today.

Edipsos for the whole family

Very close to Armonia Apartments you can find a variety of taverns, ouzeries, bars and restaurants which guarantee for the bodily welfare at affordable prices. In the ouzeries of Edipsos you can enjoy fresh fish and seafood with a glas of ouzo, sitting right next to the beach and the sea. The taverns offer traditional Greek cuisine including Mousakas, Gemista (stuffed tomatoes or paprika), Gigantes (giant beans), Tsatsiki or Greek salad.

Edipsos offers leisure activities for the whole family. During the summer, guests can enjoy a large variety of live music, festivals and concerts in taverns and beach bars. The beautiful sandy and pebble beaches in and around Edipsos invite guests to relax, play beach games and enjoy their sun-bath. And for our little guests, the city offers many opportunities for them to have fun: the play yard, the small entertainment park, or the tourist train of Edipsos.